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Tatwah joins the Wirepas ecosystem

Tatwah, a tag manufacturer with design and center of expertise in Switzerland and specialized in high volume manufacturing of RFID, NFC, Bluetooth Low Energy and IoT products has signed a partnership with Wirepas to extend the functionalities of its products, including large scale mesh network and wireless asset and people localization systems.

Tatwah has an extensive portfolio of RFID and BLE products (including tags, beacons and sensors), in various form factors and able to satisfy varied market needs. Thanks to its highly skilled engineering based in Switzerland and a unique manufacturing capability, Tatwah dramatically shortens the time from prototypes to high volumes for its customers Worldwide.

Wirepas Mesh provides a scalable and cost-effective solution to connect and localize sensors. Its unique low power mesh operation allows the creation of fully battery-operated networks with years of battery lifetime. Combined with the Wirepas Positioning Engine, the solution offers an easy to install and scalable location system for a wide range of applications. The solution consists of a fully battery-operated infrastructure for asset tracking and does not require any complex planning or cabling costs. The 5-5-5 promise delivers the typical performance of 5 meters accuracy, 5 minutes location interval and 5 years of battery lifetime on the asset tags and on the infrastructure leading to an infrastructure cost of 0.05€/m²/year. The use of Wirepas Mesh also combines sensors and actuators allowing to leverage the wireless connectivity for multiple use cases.

By partnering with Wirepas, Tatwah adds an industrial grade mesh-network as well as a cost effective wireless and battery operated tracking platform to its products portfolio. “We see an increasing demand for cost effective, large scale asset tracking solutions which are easy to deploy”, said Egon Konopitzky, Tatwah’s senior executive VP. “The new Tatwah product portfolio embedding Wirepas Mesh is a perfect fit to address the market need and can be extended to support large scale industrial applications including preventive maintenance and smart buildings.”

“We are extremely pleased to welcome Tatwah to the Wirepas ecosystem. Tatwah has unique capabilities to bring our IoT customers to high volumes in a record time while keeping-up to the highest quality standards. Our combined offering enriches the Wirepas ready portfolio and provides diversity of choice to Wirepas end-customers! ”, says Youssef Kamel, SVP Ecosystem and Partners at Wirepas.

Read more about Tatwah on their partner page.

About Tatwah Technology Co., Ltd

The company runs a horizontally integrated factory providing all under one roof from wafer processing, antenna technology, bonding, laminating, assembly, test, and certification, Tatwah’s 23,000 square-meter production facility, staffed with some 600 employees, has a capacity of more than 1 million pieces a day. Other finished products, beyond Bluetooth® Beacons and 2.4GHz active tags, includes industrial and logistics products, printed or white cards (up to 800 kpcs per day), key fobs, made-to-order badges, wristbands, and a wide assortment of novelty items embedded with RFID and beacon capabilities. Through our design center and factory back office based in Switzerland, the company addresses a broad range of applications. Please visit or contact us at

About Wirepas

Wirepas is a leading IoT connectivity company focused on massive scale, low power IoT networks. Together with its ecosystem it boosts efficiency through asset tracking, smart logistics, smart lighting and diverse smart meters. Wirepas Mesh, a unique IoT connectivity software, is the only technology that allows an unlimited number of devices, even battery-powered, to create a network. This mesh network can be sparse or extremely dense, with up to a thousand devices in a cubic meter.

Wirepas serves customers across the world with offices in Australia, Brazil, Germany, Finland, France, India, South Korea and the United States. 

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