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Growing with the company

By Kristiina Siegfried

Kristiina Blog

“Tampere-based company hires people at a fast pace – the industrial internet changed from words into business”, says a title in a local newspaper from Tampere on the 24th of August 2016. That was the first time I heard about Wirepas, when I had been spending the whole day racking my brain for a theme for my bachelor’s thesis. I was looking for a part-time job alongside my studies, and a rapidly growing global Tampere-based company instantly got my attention. I decided to try my luck. I sent an open application, looked up the Wirepas leadership team in LinkedIn, and in 30 minutes the VP of sales called me. It was all about timing – they had a project that fit perfectly for a topic of my bachelor’s thesis.

After three months, I had a thesis about “Lean management of a global sales team” ready. It has now been two years and two months, and currently my master’s thesis for Wirepas is under process. In the meanwhile, many things have happened. The company headcount has doubled, we have grown to Australia and India, and we have moved our HQ to new, bigger premises. 

In the beginning, my responsibilities at Wirepas were focusing on sales tools, sales process optimization, and marketing activities. I’m still keeping my role as the CRM-police, but in addition to that, I have had a great opportunity of learning from the best – nowadays, one of my key responsibilities is to manage and qualify new leads. For a young soon-to-be-graduated professional, Wirepas has been an exceptional place to work in. I’ve got to challenge myself, learn different ways of doing business in different cultures all around the world, and most importantly, got to know amazing people that I have the privilege of calling my co-workers.

Working at Wirepas is something I’m proud of. It feels great to work in a team that is working together towards the common goal of making the world more connected and also more sustainable, by collecting data and using it to do things better. I’ve always said that IoT is definitely the key in making the world more sustainable. I’m proud of not only the values of the company and the possibilities that Wirepas can enable,  but also the team spirit we have. I had never worked in a global team before Wirepas, and I have to say having people in eight different time zones can be a little challenging sometimes. I myself worked from Germany for half a year, which is, of course, nothing compared to my colleagues far in Australia or South Korea for example. Even during that time, I was surprised how connected I felt with my team even though I didn’t see them face to face at all. One of my dear colleagues in the sales team once said “We are like a little family”, which is exactly how I feel.

Kristiina Siegfried, Inside Sales Manager