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A door opened for  new journey

By Chunyan Pei

It is by complete coincidence that I started working for Wirepas: I saw an open position one day and applied, but it turned out that was not the position for me. Even though I did not get the job, the interview itself impressed me, It was an open discussion and the interviewer gave me so much background information about the position, e.g. the needs and the tasks. After the interview I started to actively follow Wirepas. Finally, there was an open position matching my background!

All of this happened about 2 years ago. I got the job and now I still feel lucky to be a member of test team at Wirepas.

The test team is responsible for product quality: the interfaces we provide to customer follow the Wirepas release documentation. Wirepas connectivity can meet the customer’s needs in both functionality and performance and Wirepas applications work as they should. The support system provided can really help the customers…I have worked in multiple big projects as a test engineer for years before, but this job here in Wirepas is still quite challenging. In addition to the testing based on documentation, we need to “think outside of the box” so not just about testing related tasks but we need to think about other things as well such as “how the customer is going to use our products”; the customer may have millions of devices, what is the most effective way to find potential problems in our testing at Wirepas testing infrastructure; am I able to easily recognize any changes that may have a huge impact on the end to end functionality…but it is these challenges that make the job interesting, and not only the pay check. I have seen so many times that my colleagues are raising potential risks, giving suggestions, participating and contributing to our product and company.

As a foreigner, Wirepas is not only a place to work at, but like a window for me to look at Finland as well. People’s hard work, self-management, respect for others and respect for different cultures, and what’s more, gender equality is implemented in a perfect way; no restrictions and no special privileges. Luckily, I never feel like I am the “Chinese Panda” as the only female in the RND team.

If I look back to 2 years ago, Wirepas was such a small team. The office was so small that sometimes we walked by accident into another company’s space. A few days ago, in our new office, I walked into the wrong room and my colleague was joking “Pei, do you need a map?” I do hope that Wirepas continues to grow until someday I really do need a map to find my way around. Of course, I do not mind carrying a Wirepas asset(people) tracking node so my colleagues can find me when I am lost.

Chunyan Pei, Test Engineer at Wirepas in Tampere