Pre-register your interest for the Wirepas Evaluation Kit 

Fill in the form to pre-register for the Wirepas Evaluation Kit or the Wirepas Mesh Software Evaluation licence. We will contact you as soon as possible with more details. 

Evaluation Kit:

To support the multitude of evaluation needs the EVK is offered in two options – the evaluation kit and Wirepas Software Evaluation License. The former is targeted to companies looking to evaluate the network capabilities, but their end goal is to utilize hardware from the Wirepas ecosystem. The latter is for companies wanting to evaluate also the embedded development environment and are planning to design and develop their own Wirepas nodes or gateway.

Software Evaluation License: 

The software evaluation license offers full access to required components from Wirepas: Mesh firmware and SDK, gateway reference code and even some example backend deliverables. At the minimum opting to go with the evaluation kit gives access to sensor data at a hosted MQTT broker for use in other backend applications.